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Hosted by Quint Studer and The Gratitude Group

A Free, Virtual Month-Long Symposium to Thank Healthcare Workers

Please join us for the second year at The Gratitude Symposium May 2022. 

Well-known experts are banding together to provide healthcare workers and students with a month-long series of presentations meant to thank, teach, and inspire those in healthcare.

Topics range from the future of healthcare, role of the board, employee and physician engagement, patient experience, medical group management, process improvement, diversity, equity, inclusion, and more. Each talk will offer inspiration and learning opportunities.  

The group is also donating $75,000 to the DAISY Foundation and $25,000 to AUPHA.

Each expert created a video from 15 to 50 minutes based on their area of expertise. 

Simply register for free to view the material and watch the videos when it is most convenient.  We hope you enjoy the sessions and accept our thanks for all you do to care for others. 

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How Are We Saying Thank You? Let Us Count the Ways!

1. A month’s worth of specialized experts. Experts will be featured throughout the month of May, speaking on a variety of fresh, relevant, helpful topics. Each presentation will be 15 - 50 minutes in length and available in an OnDemand format. Based on feedback from last year, we learned that you would like more time to watch the session. Therefore, a majority of the sessions have been extended for "replays" through June.

2. 100% Virtual. Providing virtual content makes it more convenient for healthcare workers. They will not have to leave their department or community.

3. Free to attend. There is no cost to attend the Gratitude Symposium so that as many people as possible will have access to this great group of experts.

4. Supports two great causes. Thanks to the generosity of the presenters, $100,000 will be donated to two organizations. $75,000 will be donated to The Daisy Foundation and $25,000 to The Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). (See below for more info on their missions.)

5. Connecting hearts and minds. Each presentation is meant to thank, teach, and inspire those in healthcare. This Symposium will connect great minds and hearts of healthcare workers. The sessions are designed to immerse you in new ideas and innovations, reinforce best practices that are already taking place and introduce additional information.

We are financially supporting two great organizations! 

The DAISY Foundation expresses gratitude to nurses with programs that recognize them for the extraordinary skillful, compassionate care they provide patients and families.

The DAISY Foundation, created to express gratitude by a family that experienced extraordinary nursing, is the leader in meaningful recognition of nurses. Everyone who is involved with DAISY, whether they are presenting the Awards, choosing Honorees, or coordinating the program, is an extension of this family and their expression of this gratitude.

Our expression of gratitude will help nurses always remember the unforgettable impact their care has on patients and families, inspiring nurses to provide extraordinary care not only with their brains but also with their hearts. Learn more.

AUPHA is a global network of colleges, universities, faculty, individuals and organizations dedicated to the improvement of health and healthcare delivery through excellence in healthcare management and policy education. Its mission is to foster excellence and drive innovation in health management and policy education, and promote the value of university-based management education for leadership roles in the health sector. It is the only non-profit entity of its kind that works to improve the delivery of health services – and thus the health of citizens – throughout the world by educating professional managers. AUPHA's membership includes the premier baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degree programs in health administration education in the United States, Canada, and around the world. Its faculty and individual members represent more than 300 colleges and universities. Learn More or donate

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Who Should Attend?

Anyone who works in healthcare or plans to work in healthcare. Attend as an individual, team, organization or class. 

To make it easy to register your entire workforce or student body, please contact our team at or 850-748-2027.

What will be covered?

The Gratitude Symposium experts and partners have created a solid foundation of learnings and will deliver diverse content. You will leave feeling better than when you came in and will be provided with additional tools and techniques to utilize in your job. The array of experts will cover topics like:

Did you miss last year's Gratitude Symposium? The presentations and tools from May 2021 are all available at You’ll find them easy to access, no registration required and as with the symposium in May, at no cost. The website is divided into several sections including: Faculty, Presentations, Tools and Books. On the Faculty pages, you will find additional resources that will supplement each presentation. The goal is to provide tools, techniques, and methodology to help individuals feel grateful about themselves, their job, and their organization.

If there is an additional resource or tool that would be helpful to you, your team or organization, please let us know.